Red Barn Storage logo (text Red Barn Storage Davenport Iowa)
Red Barn Storage logo (text Red Barn Storage Davenport Iowa)

14' x 15' Climate Controlled Storage Units

Our 14′ x 15′ Climate Controlled Storage Units have large roll-up doors making it easy to access any item inside of your storage unit.

Nokē smart entry for storage units. Mobile phone storage unit lock.

Keyless Self-Storage Units

Access From Your Phone

  • Access entries and your unit from your smartphone
  • Share a digital key to grant access to a family member, movers, or coworkers
  • Revoke shared access at any time
  • Monitor access to your unit via the mobile app
  • Motion sensing built in
  • A higher level of security
  • Download the app for iOS and Android.

We've converted our beautiful barn into an energy-efficient climate-controlled storage facility. See available unit sizes and prices for our climate-controlled storage below.

Every indoor unit has the Nokē smart entry door lock/opener. In addition to seamless, automated mobile entry, each unit is secured with an internal electronic lock. This smart entry lock is ADA compliant and provides superior convenience to our customers.

Need someone else to pick up something from your storage unit? No problem, this unit comes with digital key sharing. This technology takes storage units to an entire new level of convenience.

Smart Entry Setup

1. Download App

After renting your unit, you'll receive an automated text.

2. Access Your Unit

Open the app to see the icon light and tap the icon to unlock your unit.

3. Share Your Digital Key

In the app options, you can select to share your unit.

4. Unlock Your Unit

Use the app to unlock your unit up to 3 feet away.

Apple App Store icon
Apple App Store icon
Red Barn Storage Climate Controlled Units in the main building.

All of the climate controlled storage units are located within the main building at Red Barn Storage.

This building has an access control keypad to get into the building, and another to get into your storage unit.

Platinum Series Padlock

This is no longer a need to buy a less secure / "pickable" lock for your climate-controlled units.

Enjoy the security and the piece of mind that our keyless locks bring.